Mark Milch, PPA Photographer

Mark Milch, PPA Photographer

About the Photographer

Mark Milch, PPA Photographer, is the owner and lead photographer of Milch Photography and Video.

Mark is a true artist who takes pride in his craft while treating all people gentleness, kindness and respect; a rare combination!

Despite his busy professional schedule, Mark has made it a priority to join professional associations in the photographic industry. As a member of PPA (Professional Photographers of America), and past president of PPGNY (Professional Photographers of Greater New York), Mark has had the opportunity to study the very best photographers in the country. Mark has won many awards and ribbons for his work. He is a recipient of the prestigious Alvin L. Friedman Award, as well as numerous Best in Show awards for his prints.

When examining the work of a photographer you are seeing the world from his perspective; his personal qualities are revealed through his work. The beauty of your special moments will be enhanced when seen through the eyes of a sensitive yet experienced professional photographer.

In choosing Mark you will enjoy your day and be delighted an array of life-long treasures.

Special Needs:

Mark has developed a singular ability to photograph special needs children and adults, many severe disabilities. This style of photography could be challenging to the average photographer, but Mark’s empathy towards his subjects allows them to be portrayed love and understanding, revealing the true personality of each individual.

Mark has honed this unique skill over many years as a volunteer at SULAM-LI, a religious school program for special needs Jewish students.  Mark’s unending compassion, patience and understanding, together his genuine love of people, have made him a valued and invaluable part of the SULAM-Li family. Mark is truly in a class of his own.

Social Events (Wedding etc.):

Photographing social events has been a 30 + year journey of love for Mark. When you choose Mark to document your special day, you can be assured that you have chosen a photographer who is continuously updating his equipment and embracing the best in modern photographic techniques and technology. Yet – he retains a commitment to a level of skill and craftsmanship an artistic flair that has been lost by many modern-day photographers.

Corporate Events:

Mark & his crew routinely photograph and video large fundraisers and corporate events.

Head Shots and More:

Mark always inquires what the image will be used for, whether it be for an actor’s portfolio, or for a professional portrait (e.g., for a lawyer, real-estate agent, etc.) to be used in advertising, social media and websites. With his understanding of facial structure, lighting and composition, Mark is able to bring out the true character, beauty and professionalism of his subjects.

Mark can do anything from a basic Head Shot to an Executive Portrait, and much more. Custom artwork (an advanced form of retouching/editing) is normally included.

Basic Head shots are usually done in studio for individuals, or they can be done at your company’s location if there are multiple subjects involved.  This also can include group pictures (and much more) of your staff for your website and marketing.

Family Portraits:

Since Mark’s studio is located in a beach community, Mark does many of his family portraits on the beach. Mark also does family portraits at clients’ homes, at parks or other locations.

Commercial and product:

Mark always includes a free consultation, this enables Mark to create a storyboard and to get a better understanding of what the client needs the images to say. This enables Mark to create images that jump off the page, tell the story, and entice your potential customers to open up their wallets and buy the product or service being offered.

Mark photographs food or any type of product, lifestyle (a product models), real estate properties and much more.

Many of Mark’s clients have reported a substantial increase in their sales just by uploading Mark’s pictures!

Retouching, Restoration, and Other Digital Services:

Mark prides himself to be full service, creating custom high quality albums, custom artwork (an advanced form of retouching/editing), Restoring damaged prints, and much more.


Photography is an art as well as a science, and together Mark’s technical skill, love of people, patience and understanding, he is able deliver meaningful and effective images. Mark feels blessed to be able to earn a living doing something he truly loves, and is passionate about!

Also important to know, Milch Photography is fully insured and can work in any location or venue. Certificates of Insurance are delivered upon request for you or your venue.

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